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Jessica Poses On Ho...
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Jessica Poses On Horseback After Overcoming 'lifelong Fear Of Horses'
Jessica Poses On Horseback After Overcoming 'lifelong Fear Of Horses'
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Jessica Simpson posed on horseback in a heartwarming snap she posted to her Instagram page on Thursday.

The 40-year-old singing star wore a pair of large shades and warded off the rays with a cowgirl hat.

Her post was a plug for her new virtual essay Take The Lead in which she reflected on how she overcame a 'lifelong fear of horses.'

Overcoming her fear: Jessica Simpson posed on horseback in a heartwarming snap she posted to her Instagram page on Thursday

Jessica credited her newfound courage to her children - she shares Maxwell, eight, Ace, seven, and Birdie, two, with her second husband Eric Johnson. 

'I've learned that writing is the best way to understand myself. Confronting honest questions, emotions, insecurities, fears and revelations holds me strong in my purpose,' she wrote in her caption.

'A little over a year ago I released my memoir, Open Book. It was anchored by the journal entries I had kept all the way from childhood to the woman I have now become,' Jessica pointed out.

'Today I am humbled to share my reflections from over the past year in my Amazon Original Stories essay, TAKE THE LEAD, along with an audio version I narrated,' wrote the proud mother of three.

Family photo: Jessica credited her newfound courage to her children - she shares Maxwell, eight, Ace, seven, and Birdie, two, with her second husband Eric Johnson



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She's not just famous for wearing Daisy Dukes guys - Jessica Simpson knows how to put on an elegant front, too.



The singer turned designer looked fashion forward as she posed with her family, and opted for a green dress by Gucci for the sweet snap.



Jessica's dress features contrasting white piping and a belted waist with Gucci's signature monogramming, and we love the flippy shift shape.



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'One of the topics I reveal in the essay is how I walked myself through a lifelong fear of horses, due to a traumatic accident that took the life of my cousin, Sarah, and how I greeted that fear and persevered against my comfort zone for my daughter Maxwell's passion and complete adoration for horses and Western-style riding.'

She explained: 'I share a moment when I followed Maxwell's lead and surrendered my paralyzing struggle. Even though I faced my fear I figured it would be a one time thing…haaa who am I kidding when it comes to these kiddos?!?!'

Jessica revealed: 'A couple weeks ago, Maxwell said her biggest wish was to have our entire family ride horses together. My love for Maxwell is bigger than my fear of anything, so needless to say I was back on a horse and we made hilarious and beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.'

The singer-turned-author wrote: 'With TAKE THE LEAD, I was inspired to write about my fears, and I truly hope reading it encourages you to face the things that hold you back from becoming the champion and maker of your dreams.'

Side by side: Jessica is pictured in a recent Instagram snap with her sizzling husband who used to be an NFL tight end and married her in 2014

She mused: 'How can we see ourselves if we don't look inward to learn who we are and unlearn what gave insecurities and fear residency in the first place? You can read or listen to TAKE THE LEAD for free with Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited.'

Jessica and her little sister Ashlee are Joe Simpson, a minister who was born in Texas, and his ex-wife Tina Ann Drew.

In her hit memoir Open Book Jessica recalled that her father Joe brought a male model she had never met to her wedding to Eric in 2014.

'Taco tongues are our daily selfie thang': Jessica posed for a heartwarming Instagram picture recently with the youngest of her three children

'I reminded myself that I needed to accept my father for who he was as he worked it out in real-time,' wrote Jessica of Joe, an ex-pastor.

Just before giving her away during her wedding to her first husband Nick Lachey, Joe asked: 'Are you sure you want to do this?'

She replied: 'Dad, I'm walking down this aisle and getting married. You're giving me away. You have to. I'll always be your little girl, but you have to do this for me.'

'He has Risen, and so have we!!!': Jessica is pictured on her Instagram celebrating Easter earlier this month with her husband and children

Jessica neglected to obtain a prenuptial agreement, so when she and Nick finally got divorced in 2006 she lost $12 million.

Her parents Tina and Joe split up in 2012 - and he informed Jessica of the separation while she was in the hospital to deliver Maxwell.

Although Jessica 'resented' her father around the time of the divorce, which was finalized in 2013, they have patched up their relationship. 







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